Classworks Theatre enjoys a rich and ongoing experience of working with partners and collaborators.

Over the years, these have included writers, musicians, physical and visual artists and many others who enjoy being part of the vision that proves theatre to be an all encompassing arts environment.

Recent Collaborations

We recently collaborated with political artist, Deanna Tyson to produce a lively visual, musical and text driven piece entitled UNMASKED & REFASHIONED. It examined the lives, political turmoil and individual courage of refugees from many parts of the world, seeking a safe haven. Over £2000 was raised for the charity – From Syria With Love. 

On February 6th 2018, together with women all over the country, we celebrated the hard-won suffrage victory of 1918, noting that this was only the first step, and acknowledging the battles still to be won today.


In the evening, as part of the civic celebrations, Classworks Theatre, in conjunction with Cambridge Devised Theatre and Unison, produced a re-enactment of Mrs Pankhurst’s 1912 speech at the Guildhall in Cambridge, taken from the newspaper transcripts, complete with heckles. With Mandi Cattell as Mrs Pankhurst; Ros Connelly as Miss Brackenbury; Rupert Procter, Alexander Reeve and Chris Massey Lynch as the hecklers, and Grainne Kennedy, Tracy Chabot and Liz Brennan as the suffragettes, all directed by Classworks’ Jenny Culank and costumed by Sue Pearson. We were delighted by the rousing cheers and reception Mrs Pankhurst received and the enthusiastic response to the performance, which can be viewed below: