If Clothes Could Speak…  is an interactive talk delivered to schools and colleges, societies, community groups, over 60’s and partially sighted groups.  The social history aspect is particularly revealing,  as the clothes provide an insight into cultures, political views, class systems, working life and leisure. The collection invites us to meet the people who wore these items, allowing us into the stories of their lives. 

We would also consider loaning items for display.


Some quotes from groups we have visited:

Willowbank Residents:

A very interesting collection of clothes which brought back many memories. (Sylvia)

I found it all very interesting and absorbing. I would like to see you again sometime. (Minnie)

I remember walking along on Yarmouth sea front with my friend dressed in our skirts with stiff petticoats in 1950

Histon & Impington – Partially sighted group:

Very interesting collection – it was very different. Great coat!! (Michael)

I loved the early 1920’s clothes – it made me remember my grandparents (Cathy)